The Technology


            The technology for affordable solar heating in housing units has actually been around since the late 1950’s. With the advances in solar cell technology, improved insulation and lower power household appliances we have reached that threshold for Net-Zero energy housing at an affordable cost. With this particular VA modular home manufacture, with  2x6 walls, wrapped &sealed with R-MAX insulation and using triple windows saves 60% on heating and cooling energy. Additionally they cost 33% less than stick built homes “Built to Code” homes. Adding Solar can eliminate the remaining energy costs making it Net Zero is the term for achieving a yearly energy net cost of $0.

The US imported over 4.1 trillion barrels of oil in 2011 that’s about half a million gallons every hour. The average US household spends about $2482 a year for electricity and heat. This is such a waste of oil and money!  As Americans with American ingenuity and American products we can to become more energy independent.