ElderSpirit, a Local Cohousing Example


Is the closest senior cohousing community in Abington VA has their particular values.

Each community sets their particular values but here is some of what they have come

up with. I have them listed these values in 3 groups: Common to MOST, common to

SOME and Unique to cohousing communities.


Mutual Support:

Members develop face-to-face relationships through which thy offer and receive support        


Arts and Recreation:

Leisure, recreation activities and travel contribute uniquely toward refreshing the body

mind and spirit.



Recognizing “health” comes from “heal and whole”, members pay attention to nutrition,

rest, exercise and social interaction


Mutual Assistance:

Sharing of goods and services is the norm in the ElderSpirit cohousing community.

When members have needs beyond the individual family group, they are encouraged

to make their needs known.


Simple Lifestyle and Respect for the Earth:

Conscious that over-consumption by persons in a wealthy countries threaten the earth’s

living systems, members seek a simplified lifestyle that reflects a respectful relationship

with the environment.


Care During Illness and Dying:

The common goal of ElderSpirit is to offer care to one another in the later years.

It affirms home care and dying at home. Within the community, the process of

dying raises one’s awareness that all surrender physical life, not in isolation,

but as a sister or brother of the human community.



Members believe that spiritual growth is the primary work of those in the

later stages of life.  Members encourage on another in the search for meaning

in life and commitment to a spiritual path.