This Month Upcoming Events:

SpiritServ Community LLC Introduction meeting

Tuesday Feb 20th at 1PM

Tuesday March 6th at 1PM

Tuesday March 13th at 6:30PM

Tuesday March 20th at 1PM


Land Visit(s) (Meet at Home Depot)

Wednesday Feb 22nd  9AM

Wednesday March 22nd  9AM


General Meetings Pot Lucks

 Saturday Feb 25th 4-6:30PM with Balzer & Associates

Saturday March 25th 4-6:30PM



Next Step & Board Meeting

Thursday FEB 22 1PM



So far we have:


We are NOW accepting Land Investment Pledges

And we only need 2 more to Get Started 


EVENTS Over the next several months:

Accept  Land Investment Pledges. . . . Feb & March 2017

 Site Planning & Common House Design . . .  Spring 2017
Final Pricing & Down Payment . . . . .  Summer 2017

Individule Home Selection . . . . . Fall 2017
Note:  Dates  are approximate only



Location:     2009 G Electric Road (Oak Grove Shopping Center)

We are in the hallway between Aquatic Adventures and CyberLine Computers,

just behind the Shell Station down from Wildwood Smokehouse

There is also parking in the rear.



                Updated: 02/16/2017


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