What are the types of Cohousing?

Generally there are 2 major categories: Multi-generational and Senior Cohousing. In Denmark the first communities were  Senior,  but  it  spread  to Multi-generational.  In the USA most are Multi-generational but the Senior Cohousing communities are quickly becoming more popular. Many of the baby boomers don’t want to lives of isolation and loss lives like their parents and many it that generation.

What are we planning to build here in Roanoke?

Although these cohousing communities are defined here, they are ultimately defined by the residents themselves. These are the suggestions, a place to start  talking from. All the  communities  are  created  as a n  antidote to "the three negatives of aging" as defined by Bill Thomas

feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.  Senior residents are planned to be all single floor living.

           All these Cohousing communities are designed to be energy efficient and use 60% LESS energy than  VA standards, to heat and cool each house.  All residents  will have a Net-Zero solar option to reduce your individual energy as low as it can get. They all will have an abundance of outside light with optional sky-lights or solar tubes, which can provide light in any room.


1.       SpiritServe Community is a Roanoke’s first Senior Cohousing Community, now forming This is group’s mission is:

Vision Statement:     We are Christian senior persons of peace, rooted in love. To grow in this vision, we live an ecumenical co-housing existence. Co-housing enhances each individual’s ability to discern changing roles of service according to the need of the present moment within the established community.

Our neighborhood concept includes both private home ownership and rental properties. This neighborhood dimension respects personal privacy, sensitivity to environmental concerns, and is designed for seniors. In sum, we seek to live simple, independent lives of prayer where we are available for each other in wisdom and grace.

Our values include:

·        Place of prayer       Mutual support (internal)        Outreach (external)     Fellowship

  Environmental       Health & Recreation                Friendly & Inclusive Attitude.

Location will be close to shopping and medical facilities. We are in the pre-development stage targeting completion around fall of 2017

2.       Mixed Generational cohousing community similar to Wild Sage in Boulder CO for single, families, couples, empty-nesters, and seniors. Activities like yoga, cooking, gardening, hiking, soccer, cycling, hockey, socializing, brewing, gaming, bird-watching, making music, playing with children, and many more things. It is likely that you'll find many things to share in common with your neighbors.

Watch this 9 min Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSVyshBniL4

Location in Roanoke Cove Road area and formation in late 2014 and targeting completion in late 2016

3.       Mixed Generational or Senior cohousing community in Roanoke.